Wednesday, April 30, 2014



Almost four months without a single post. I actually have two drafts waiting to be posted but I just couldn't bring myself to finish either. I have some very serious procrastination problems.

It's this time of the year. Psychiatry rotation. The doctor said that in Poland, (and maybe other four-seasons country as well), depressed patients have more recurrent frequency in spring. Little that I know, of all the clinical rotations I've had, this is the one rotation I am getting myself all hypochondriac on. >.<

I have two conclusions to share. You may agree on it, or you may not. Suit yourself.

1. All the hypo- and the hyper- are pathologic. Er, this isn't really a conclusion, it's more of something that I came to realize upon today.

2. Psychiatric disorders are called as such because they impair the normal daily activities and clear judgements of a person. If they don't affect a person's normal life, the person can be crazy but will still be called normal; which is why I personally think that: everyone, within themselves have actually psychiatric disorders that are hidden behind the so-called norms of the world.

I did a depression evaluation test last night and my result was moderate depression. =.= 

Don't worry, I do not believe that I have moderate depression though being a hypochondriac medical student, I do think that I have some symptoms of minor depression.

1. I am blaming everything and everyone for my sadness and my emotional roller coaster ride.
2. I feel like no one really cares about me, that no one really has the sincerity of listening to me because they actually cared.
3. Okay, this one is a symptom of mania; so maybe I have bipolar instead? I tend to shop excessively sometimes, on food. 
4. My daily activities sometimes are disrupted due to my procrastination problems and my attitude of escaping from responsibilities.
5. I have hypersomnolence. When I said hyper, it is because it IS hyper.
6. I don't think this is a symptom of depression but it worries me: I kept thinking about rebelling. 

Well, after a while, I decided not to diagnose myself with depression, but a more serious syndrome. It is called futur.

A syndrome where our iman had a breakdown and decreases, and since iman isn't something we can measure, it is manifested by our amal. Somehow, it is not the amal that actually convinced me that I have this syndrome, instead it is my feeling. What I feel when I pray. What I feel when I read the Quran. What I feel during usrah. God, how long has it been since I cried repenting? How long has it been since I smiled at the sweetness of Allah talking to me? How long has it been since I actually believed Allah is with me? Astaghfirullahaladzim.

Surah Muzammil. One surah, with a persuading tone, asking those who are working in the cause of Allah, to never forget to take care of their relationship with the God. It is a surah with a deep meaning, engraved so deep in my heart because somehow I think it is a surah for someone like me. It is meant for someone like me. It is for me. 

Shiela, futur is way more dangerous than depression, no? How will you treat yourself?Diagnosing it is just the first step, treating it will possibly need you to do some sacrifice. 
But isn't it worth it? For Him? For His blessing? For His heaven? 

Life's but a walking shadow. It's temporary. It has no permanent meaning. Leave it. For a better life.

Yet, another symptom of depression. I want to die. But not as someone who commits suicide, but insyaAllah, ya Allah, grant me syahid.