Thursday, December 17, 2015

#254 - Seoul Searching Day 1



I took a bus the night before from Kangar to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). I arrived in TBS around 4.30am, reloaded my Touch n Go card and took the KLIA transit to KLIA2. The ERL fare from Bandar Tasik Selatan (BTS) to KLIA2 was around RM28. Since I wasn't in much of a hurry, I hopped off at Putrajaya, went out, punched my TnG card and went back in. I saved more than 50% of the overall fare doing so because the fare from BTS to Putrajaya was RM6.20, and Putrajaya to KLIA2 cost RM5.30. Try this trick whenever you are planning to save on money instead of time. I arrived in KLIA2, used the free shower stall in the departure hall to freshen up, met my brother and boarded. I was ready for the six hours flight to Seoul. ^_^

Getting closer to Seoul..
We arrived around 4pm in Incheon International Airport. We bought the T-Money card (Korea's equivalent of a Touch n Go, just more efficient and widely used) in the 7E and boarded the subway to Gongdeok station. We arrived in our hostel near Itaewon, YaKorea Hostel Itaewon which I already reserved weeks earlier only to find out that it was closed for renovation. What a fate. But I guess it happened for a reason and thankfully it was not my mistake, so the manager found us a new hostel at the same price. If it wasn't for the incident, I would not be able to experience riding in a taxi for free (the fare was covered by the hostel), and our new room in the new hostel, Kimchee Seoul Station Guesthouse was better than the one I booked before. So yeah, I'm not complaining over it. It was a great experience on the very first day in Seoul.

Seoul at night, taken inside the taxi to Kimchee Guesthouse.
After taking a little rest and praying, my brother and I went out to Itaewon for dinner. I ate bread in the morning and spent the whole time on the flight being stingy about having to pay for my food, so I was a little famished at that moment. Because of the incident about the hostel, we went out a little late and Murree Muslim Food Restaurant was about to close when we arrived. Since our tummies were basically growling at that moment, we just stopped at the next halal restaurant we saw and had chicken rice for our dinner.

After dinner, my brother wanted to visit World Cup Stadium while I decided to just go back to the hostel and took a rest. However, since it was a hostel I didn't research before, I didn't note the number of the subway exit I should be taking to go to the hostel. You see, the hostel was very close to Chungjeongno subway station, like 20 steps away, only if you go through the right exit. There were 10 exits in the station and I went through 8 of them before I found the right one to my hostel. For those going to Seoul, be alert of the number of exit you should be taking. Because some stations have a lot of exits, even more than 10, and it'd be time and energy consuming if you don't know which one you should be taking.

Me and the infamous banana milk. Pardon my sleepy eyes.


1. Know why you are going to Seoul. For the food? For the culture and history? For the shopping? For the nature? For the Hallyu wave? That way you are able to make an itinerary according to your preference, because trust me, there are a lot of different things you can do and experience in the city of Seoul.
2. Download MetroidHD app in your smartphone. It provides information about the subway; which one to take, how much will it cost, how much time will it take.
3. Choose a hostel near the place you'll frequent, or in the centre which will be near to everything. I chose a hostel near Itaewon, because I wanted to be close to halal food. Because of the change in the hostel, we lived a little far from Itaewon but it was still in the centre.
4. I suggest you buy a T-Money or any other card of the same function, because it is cheaper than having to pay separately for every destination you are going, and just more efficient. be continued...