Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#187-Five Things I Missed About India

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

My second post for 2012, is going to be a personal one. ^__^ I just kind of thought about this during pharmacology lecture today. Hee.

The fifth:

(gambar hiasan)

Vanilla ice cream! From Poland straight to India, boleh kata macam kena heatstroke la jugak kot. :) From 15 something degree, to 40 something degree. And maybe due to that, I started eating ice creams almost everyday. Nak beli chocolate ice cream mahal, so I settled for the cheapest one, vanilla flavoured. First time makan dekat hotel kat New Delhi in the room with Pidah, Fadh and Nina spending time together watching Snakes On A Plane. ^^

The fourth:

There is a Korean restaurant, located strategically in a place surrounded by apartments rented by Malaysian students kat Bangalore. For marketing purposes, aside from Korean dishes, they sell Malaysian dishes as well. I missed the nasi ayam there. And the Korean noodle. One sweet memory about this Korean noodle is that, it's my first Korean meal made by a Korean and shared with a bestfriend in the same bowl. ^__^

(gambar hiasan)

The third:

We went to a village in Tamil Nadu. It was a small, peaceful village with not that much development. Outside the cottage we lived, we could see wild deers in the deep forest. Despite the mosquitoes, jalan yg lecak sangat2, I somehow fell in love with the place. Of all places I've been during the one month in India, this might be one of the best places. Fresh air, sawah padi kiri kanan...maybe there is a tiny little me inside that wanna leave behind all the hustle bustle of the city and move into a forest and befriend the animals?

The second:

An experience of a lifetime. River rafting kat Manali! Terbaik! No words can actually describe the experience. Everything was engraved in the memory. I am not that sporty, nor do I have strong stamina, but to be able to feel your feet went numb in the cold river water while your hands had to grab tightly on that one rope that seems like the only link between your life and death...it was a precious experience that I wish can be repeated over and over again! :D

The first:

Keluar tajuk. This isn't a thing. It's a she. Nurul Azhani M. Ahkar Nawawi. If there's a reason I would want to go to India again, she will be the reason. I just missed her. I texted her almost everyday since the last two weeks, but the more I talked to her, the more I missed her. The distance somehow is killing me. I would wish to go back to that one year we used to live in the same room. I would wish to go back to that one year we used to eat on the same table. I would wish to go back to that one year we used to laugh at the same jokes, cried for the same reasons, gossiped on the same person, sharing stories like normal 19-year-old girls. This post was written, just because I missed you.

Since I am so far away from you, I hope Allah blesses you, protects you, gives you good health and a meaningful life. Allah will take care of you. Allah will be by your side, giving His love and care, supporting you on your fights to be a better person for our deen. Ameen.

And I am here, will always pray for the best for an Azhani in Bangalore, India. :)