Thursday, April 26, 2012


I used to hate him, because of how lowly he thinks about a woman's dignity. It's been more than a year and suddenly it occurs to me tonight.

Who the hell am I to judge? I am in no way have any right to hate anyone. Weren't we taught, to hate the sins, but never the sinners?

Narshiela Saad, reflect back on your path of life. It's never perfect, it's just fine. That's why you need to make it better with time.

Quoting Kak Nana, in dakwah, there is no such thing as being static. It's either you move forward, or you fall into futur.

Have it ever occured to you, how lucky you must have been to be handpicked by Allah to be in this path with many others? Allah definitely didn't choose you just to let you freely enter the jannah though. It comes with a price. Jannah is not just for anyone. Jannah comes with a price. What have you done to pay for it? What have you done that gave you the right to be a member of jannah?

One year ago, I might have puked if someone told me he is going to be one of the people mentioned exclusively in my blog. But, today, he is a reason of me being who I think I am. He is a reason for me to reflect back on what have I really done for these past 21 years. He was sent by Allah for me to be if not much, then a bit better than the yesterday me.


Muse said...

how do you know how lowly he thinks about the woman's dignity? dia ada cakap something ke kat shiela? sangat curious nak tahu. sorry kalau personal. ^ㅅ^

sHieLa said...

I tweeted this once; "lelaki yang pandai jaga maruah perempuan adalah lelaki yang sangat cool." :) I dont know who you are, so i will not say anything about what he did or he didnt do. i leave it to you untuk mentafsirkan what does maruah perempuan means.

thank you untuk guide me all the way. :)

Muse said...

Insyallah I'll try to understand. Hari ni jugak saya pergi interpret segala tafsiran dan leave all my assignments. Dah dapat jawapan I'll go to this lelaki dan cakap hey,jangan buat lagi kat shiela macam tu :P Jazakillah ya ukhti.

sHieLa said...

harapnya tak salah tafsir ye. hehe. tak siap assignments dont blame me. :D oh dont go to that lelaki, everything's settled already. hehe. jazakillah for?