Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#234 the other side of me

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

I am supposed to go to Norway today. With Fadh, Pidah and Yuyu.

(like my feeling. empty.)

But what are my plans compared to His?

Have I ever introduced you to my housemates of five years here?  

Thohirah. Or we call her Yuyu. When we were in MSU, I had an impression that she is soft and nice. A polite Malay girl who talks nicely and smiles all the time. Turned out I was wrong. She is still nice, but she is actually this bubbly girl who sometimes makes lame jokes which you can't help but laugh uncontrollably at. She is this girl who is good at masking her emotions, and even when she's upset, she'll stay quiet and never brings it up. She brought the Ganu slang into our home and now we no longer speak in one dialect, we mix all of the dialects in one go.

Afidah. Or she likes people calling her Pidah. She believes that she's a lost princess of a kingdom and one day people will acknowledge her princess quality. *rolling eyes jap* See what she is here? A girl with a princess complex. Haha. She used to be very sensitive, and because of that she cares about people's feelings more than anyone. Despite everything, I see her as next to perfect and even though she doesn't acknowledge that, I know it's because she doesn't see herself in my point of view. She's responsible for our Kelate slang, though her family says she's not good in that dialect either. Eheh.

Fadhlina. Or Fadh. If you are to live with her, you need to get used to two things. One, listening to the same stories more than twice. Two, her weird and sometimes annoying attitude. What can I say? She's weird. Why? No one can objectively interpret what weird is. Let's just say she does things normal people don't usually do. But she is one organized person, thanks to her parents' genes. She doesn't like to lose in arguments but when she needs to be a listener and adviser, she listens and advises well. She taught us the Nogori slang though I think I'd never be able to speak in that slang. @.@


That's a short introduction about my housemates. We all have flaws. The reason we are still friends today after knowing each other's flaws is we overlook those for the qualities we have within. 

Thank you for keeping up with me; my moodswings, my cravings, my laziness and the list goes on and on. You girls are awesome and I am grateful to be one of the abandoned four in Lodz because of you. Lol. Exaggerating. 

I pray that this friendship, or ukhwah, or bond, or whatever you call it will last forever. Forever as in, not only when we are alive, but until we are alive again in the other eternal world. I am in this with them. I become who I am today because I have them to support me, to talk to me, to stop me and to encourage me. We are in this together, as a doctor-to-be and a full-time daie. I can't imagine a day not having them close by. I can't imagine a day going through this path of life without holding their hands. I don't ever want to imagine it, nor do I want it to happen. 

Allah, ya muqallibal qulub, tsabbit qulubana 'ala dinik. 

post script 1: Being left behind is painful enough. And now it's being left behind while feeling under the weather. I hate this. 
post script 2: why is this entry called the other side of me? a tribute to the late sidney sheldon's novel. eheh. and they are the other side of me. they are my reflections, and I am them.


CrazyHorse said...

gaji masa ko part time kat kdai buku dulu brapa? survey.

narshiela said...
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narshiela said...

Gaji pokok 600. Pastu tambah overtime dapat la dalam plus minus 700 sebulan.