Saturday, December 5, 2009

..::SeKePiNG WaRKaH BeRNaDa sYaHDu::..

If you are so badly want to know what is exactly happening to me, I'll tell you this. Do not get dissapointed. Because I don't actually know what is happening to me! In about 6 hours, masuk ni dah dua kali aku blogging. First one in my private blog and this is the second. From that, I can say that something is definitely wrong. Sebab aku tak senang2 nak blogging kalau tak ada something in mind. And two things je yg blh buat my mind filled up with something. 1st-bila aku dapat pengetahuan baru and I'd like to share that. 2nd-bila aku tak tahu nak turn to whom to throw out and spill. And in this case, it's the latter. *sigh* I've deactivated my Facebook. I deleted my Frienster and MySpace. Maybe I just need some space. Dan aku jugak rasa aku perlu explain. To Wani. If only she will ever come across this lah.

Wani, we are each other balloons; the analogy that you created. And my analogy; "If I am Meredith Grey, you are my Christina Yang." "If I am Johanna, you are Yaya." Confirm la hg macam blur2 je ntah sapa la yg aku sebut ni. Biarlah aku je yg tahu Wani. Biarlah aku je yg tahu how much you are important to me. You don't have to know the amount, cukuplah hg tahu that i appreciate your presence. Belon ak yg hg pegang bukan dah terlepas. Mungkin belon tu tergelincir sikit dari pegangan hg, tapi belum lg terlepas. Belon tu tak mungkin blh terlepas Wani. Never.

Jangan sedih sebab aku. Jangan nangis sebab aku. Live your live happily, and HEALTHILY please. (betul ke ak eja tu? hurm..) I'll be back. Tapi benarkan aku cari diri aku dulu. Benarkan aku cari tempat aku dulu. Sebab aku rasa aku messy sekarang. I need time. Nak baiki hubungan aku dgn Dia, nak baiki hubungan aku sesama manusia, nak baiki diri aku sendiri. And I'll be coming back fresh and new. InsyaAllah.


C L J said...

Congratulation young girl.

Read 2 pcs of your notes. Noticed that you have great tendency to be a lady made up of your own self. Why I say so ? You argue so much of what you want. It's very good for the making of yourself.

But remember not over argue which may take you to be a perfectionist and people will find you as a difficult person. It will also turn you into becoming late in making deseition.

In management, no deseition is a wrong deseition. A late deseition lacks wisdom.

But anyway be yourself to be successful.


sHieLa said...

To CLJ;-
though I hv no idea siapa anda, but thanks. Your words woke me up. Sy tak pernah terfikir pun that way.And to think back, sy mmg org yg mcm tu. InsyaAllah, i'll do my very best. =)