Friday, June 11, 2010

untuk as eleyana ali

Dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani.
Hari ni 11 Jun 2010, bersamaan 28 JamadilAkhr 1431, pukul 4.32am.

Dah cerah macam pukul 7am. Haa, this is the beauty of nature. Cantiknya sunnatullah, kepada orang2 yg mahu bukak mata dan hati untuk melihat, merasai dan meyakini. InsyaAllah hari ni nak turun Warsaw, nak jumpa Kakak2 usrah tersayang sambil buat lawatan sekeliling bandar. Hehe. Yang penting, nak beli nugget, daging burger, ayam! ^^

Okay2, straight to the point. Post ini khas untuk As Eleyana yg dah berbesar hati tag org kan.

Write 5 interesting facts about the person who tagged you.
I don't know whether these facts about her are interesting, but there are the facts that somehow made our friendship lasts longer than I can ever imagined. She has a lot of things in common with me. Perlis, Jenan, Revo, Andeka, Band, 1E 2A 3E to name a few la kan. She's matured even though she is in denial of this particular fact. She did what she thought was right, though it's not what she liked. She acknowledged me in every single way that I believe I haven't done the same thing in return (and for that, I'm sorry). She made a great kek batik! Ahh, rindu kek batik As!

Jot down 5 interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies
These are definitely NOT interesting. I am a novel freak; I'll just read novels of one author at one time and I'll not watch movies adapted from my favourite novels. I considered myself a friend who treasured friendship too much to the point that I could always be sensitive with how my friends treasure me. I easily cried, which is I'm grateful of. I am so not into girlish stuffs; pinks, handbags, bracelets, dresses etc-not that I don't like them, it's just too hard to handle them. I'm a medical student who is in love with Physics and Add Maths but allergic to Biology.

Pick your 5 deserving recepients and describe them.
Mashi, the only friend whom I feel comfortable holding hands with, she's just lovable. Haha. Even tak selalu contact pun, I can't resist telling myself that I love her still. =)

Nada, an irreplaceable friend who has gone through thick and thin together with me in the process of growing up. From fighting, crying, yelling, laughing, sharing, we've done everything together that I can never feel regret if fated I won't see her again.

Apple, though tipis kemungkinan dia nak buat tag ni, blog dia dah bersawang dah rasanya. He talks too much, which made me believe I'm a great listener. He trusts in me, which made me believe I'm a good friend. He is always there for me, simply being there.

Suhaimi, even I doubt whether he's going to do it or not. Apa peduli kan, my job is to tag, not to make sure they wrote in their blog kan. To sum up everything in a word, he's just magnificient. He reminded me of the ups and downs of life. He was there for advices when I need them the most. He shared things with me, which made me look at life in a different perspective.

Pkah, I'm not that close to her. But I admire her courage, her never-giveup attitude, her carefree-behaviour. She's gone through a lot of things, but she survived through them all. I envy her optimistism.

I would have tagged Subaili kalau As tak tag dia dulu. Ni entry experiment guna font lagi besar, takut nanti Subaili complain lagi tulisan kecik. Tak nak la dia rabun sbb baca blog ni kan. Subaili, I want feedback! =)


as eleyana said...

weh.. warsaw tuh apa? gila best jln2.. snap la picture bnyk2.. ngee

weh, apa mksd nieh? xphm.. ha3..
She acknowledged me in every single way that I believe I haven't done the same thing in return (and for that, I'm sorry)

hbs tuh xkan ang xpenah tgk harry potter punya movie? twilight.. best kowt.. nsb baik sidney sheldon nyer novel blom ada movie dia sndirik.. xtaw la kowt2 ada aku jerr xtahu.. ha3..

sHieLa said...

warsaw tu capital city of poland, ak bkn g jln2, g jumpa kawan2 je, dgn g usrah. hehe

maksud tu hg tanya org lain la, ak malu nak xplain. aww2, blushinggg~ ngeh3

ak penah tgk harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, tp ak x suka so ak dah tak tgk harry potter yg lain..twilight ak tgk, tp ak xsuka gak, pastu ak tak tgk dah new moon. huhu

Suhaimi Ramli said...


Tq sbb sudi tag nama kau hehe..jalan2 warsaw tu jgn lupa belikan kami souvenir bnyk2 tau..aku tahu duit ko banyak kan hehe..ko cakap ko allergic ngan bio..bukan dulu ko ke yg ajar aku bio..btw, it is a complimentary as I love Biology so much haha..

sHieLa said...


mana ada ak ajar ko bio, ak ajar ko physics la. ade yg satu mlm tu time prep dkt tmpat zatil. haa, ak ingat2! =)

Suhaimi Ramli said...

oooo lupa lak haha..

crazyhorsea29 said...

ok...font sesuai

sHieLa said...

heheh. oraitt! ^^