Wednesday, March 16, 2011

She's Romanian ^^

In the name of Allah, my Only God, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.
It's 16th March 2011- 8.30pm in Poland, 3.30am in Malaysia, and 9.30pm in Romania.

First of all, if Subaili happens to read this, this is the Romania I wanna talk about. More precisely, SHE is the Romanian I wanna talk about. ^^ I knew it took me quite a while to update about this, but it's finally here. And, sorry for my imperfect English, but I was requested to write in English for this particular post.

I shall say, she is the closest European friend I've ever had. She is Valentina Hozit, born in June 1993, which made her three years younger than myself. I've never met her; in real life. The only medium we use to talk to each other is through Internet.

Two things that never made me feel like I was talking to someone younger whenever I talked to her:
  • She's pretty. She believes that she looks creepy. But everyone knows that she's pretty. And her pretty face doesn't make her look like a childish 17-year-old. She looks older. And in fact, she is way taller than myself. -sigh-
  • She's matured. The way she talks, the way she writes, the way she thinks..she was definitely born in the wrong year. XD Sometimes, she is even more matured than myself (myself=who was claimed to be matured, not in action but in the way I think)
And what's so special about her that I made a special post just for her?

>>Valentina, you are special in every way. And as a sister and a friend, I respect you.

She is a Christian and I am a Muslim. And she's the first Christian friend whom I can talk freely about my religion. She understands, and she respects my opinions. She's not those kind of people whom easily assume things, she kindly asks for things she was confused about. This, is one of the most important characteristics in you, that made me so attached to you up until now.

Valentina Hozit (no matter what, nothing beats your real name and I love it ^^),

I'm glad that I was given the opportunity to get to know someone like you. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for opening up to me. Thank you for making me feel appreciated. Thank you for everything. I'd love to stay as your friend for years to come. Penguin loves you, Chimp ^^


crazyhorsea29 said...

knapa target aku?

sHieLa said...

sbb hg penah tanya mana entry pasal romania. hehe

crazyhorsea29 said...

ye ke? oh..baru ingat

sHieLa said...

ceh. =.=

as eleyana said...

hye Valentine Hozit.. XD
hye Narshiela Saad.. XD

Love to see u guys nyer friendship.. But i'm not a penguin.. XO

sHieLa said...


hye as eleyana ali XD