Saturday, January 12, 2013


In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

This is a random post. I was on google searching for nice pictures and quotes about examination to give to these lovely sisters of mine who are taking the histology exam today. And I found too many beautiful quotes that I wish I had a tumblr to share them on, but since I don't have one, today this will be for a day. Eheh.

 His tests are either to punish us, to cleanse our sins or to put us one level higher. It depends on how we deal with it.

Do not question what He gave you, because 65:2,3.

Ask ourselves, do we put dunya in our hand, or in our heart? Which money are exactly ours, the one in our bank or the one we gave for infaq?

"Allah is as what you think He is." -quoted from hadith.

True. The only book that helps us live with love and dignity.

We have this tendency to deviate our thinking from 'Allah first' to 'Allah is the last option'. Astaghfirullahalazhim.

My favourite. After all, it depends on ourselves. To think of it as a torment or an opportunity. It's how we see with all our senses!

The picture says it all. Oh, I mean the verse from the Holy Book says it all. ^^

2:208. Why do we take Allah so lightly, fitting islam into our life instead of fitting our life into islam??

Oh. Indeed. Even hadith says it, two of the most forgotten nikmats are health and good times. 

post script: pictures aren't mine, solely taken from the google. credits to the owners of the pictures. no matter where they are, may Allah bless us all.