Sunday, September 27, 2009

i am a girl who can't really survive with western food- or specifically i am only able to eat stuffs like nasik and lauk2 kampung to get my stomach satisfied. and when i first arrived here, i've already told myself; "if i don't want to get myself starved, i will have to get used to eating the western styles." but last night, it was heaven to have nasik goreng. gosh, you won't have any idea how blissful i felt at that time. we knew this one gurl, a muslim, zenab from pakistan. we made a deal with her; that we (well,yuyu exactly,not us all) are going to cook fried rice while she'll cook the fish. and it tasted very nice!! waa...rindunye...nk makan lagik. yuyu cakap, "x sangka on the 2nd day here aku dah pun masak nasi." huu~

>>yuyu's cooking-or pose sbnanye~

>>nasi goreng kampung~

>>ntah la ikan masak ape, tp sedap!!

>>khusyuknye kitorang....pose~ =p

owh, by the way...semalam i bought a new handphone. punya laa dulu abang pesan beli blackberry la blueberry la ntah hape2 lagi, tp sbnanya hati aku dah lama gile berkenan nak sony ericsson cybershot. so td aku asyik nmpk that brand je, and i bought one for 889zl. haih~


NaZZy Hall said...

xdk org komen ka?
mesti la, sbb bkn ang yg masak pun!!
yuyu hakusho yg msak!


sHieLa said...

ceh ceh ceh and ceh....
poyo la hg
ak tulih bkn nk org komen pun