Saturday, July 31, 2010

Harith Haikal Part III

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani.
31 Julai 2010, 19 Shaaban 1431, pukul 8:38am waktu Malaysia.

Semalam, dapat teguran dari someone yang dah sebulan tak update blog, katanya saya dah lama tak update blog. Busy sangat ke praktikal? You are so gonna get a kick if i meet you la. Selamat jauh. Cakap orang, awak pun sama! Haha.

Sedar tak sedar dah tiga minggu saya praktikal, tinggal seminggu je lagi. Pidah dgn Fadh dah habis dah, Yuyu tak tahu la macam mana. Rasanya dah habis jugak. Dah tiga post jugak bertajuk Harith Haikal, and this one i'm definitely gonna talk about him. Borink la kalau lama2 tajuk sama. Hehe.

Harith Haikal is one of the many patients I met when I was doing my practical in the peadiatr
ics ward. Harith Haikal is one of the many yg buat saya banyak refleks balik diri saya. He was about 1 year 4 months when he was admitted due to pneumonia and bronchitis. He has beautiful eyelashes, which reminded me of Auni at home. And I could say he is somehow different from other sick kids.

Auni and her beautiful eyelashes. Nampak ke eh kat gambar ni?

He was born prematured, and the doctor said that his chance of survival was only about 50/50. Tapi Allah masih mahu Harith Haikal hargai dunia, Allah panjangkan umur dia sampai sekarang. His parents are the working type, and he lives with his nanny almost all the time. Even during his staying period in the hospital, not even once his parents came to visit him because they were busy. I was told that his father was in an outstation at Genting Highland at that time.

I seldom saw him crying. The only time he cried out loud was whenever he was given the nebulizer. Compared to some other kids who'll just cry on the sight of doctors and nurses, he'll instead smile. Compared to some other kids who'll refuse treatment, he'll accept whatever he was given. Compared to some other kids who are afraid with strangers, he regards them as people he already knew. And even seminggu sebelum tu, I worked a lot with babies kat O&G, tapi Harith Haikal adalah kanak2 pertama kat Hospital Yan yg I got the courage utk dukung. Yatta!!!!!!

That's why he left quite a deep impression in me. He is clever. And I pray that you'll lead a happy and healthy life. Okay, nak search for aplastic anemia nih. Is it just me or my posts are actually getting boring?? Haha. I wrote what I want to, so not a big deal even if it was boring. Daa~


amirahsamat said...

mesti sedih kan tengok budak2 yg sakit kat hospital :(

as eleyana said...

sedihnya jadi adik harith haikal.. dont want nanny.. want mummy n daddy.. nsb baik ada kak shiela kan.. kan..

sHieLa said...

mashi: yep, sgt sedih. tp somehow sgt motivated bila tgk dorg. dorg sakit, tp still able to smile and laugh. soo kiut. hehe

as:yeayyy, kak shiela is always here for u!!! hik3

wani said...

bca psal adek harith ne teringat mifdal kat umah. mendoakan adek harith ne kuat utk survive 4 life. ameen~

sHieLa said...

ameen. semua2 la. harith, mifdal, auni, tania pun..hee~

dan untuk kita jugak, moga mampu survive. aminn~