Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthdays Summary

Formspring's question of the day!

My answer will be: I have been procrastinating for almost 4 months to wish Happy Birthday to those who mean so much in my life.

So, this will be a brief summary,devoted to only those few people. I am not sure they will be reading this or not, but this is the least that I can do to show how much they actually mean in my life.

ALYAA LIYANA IDRIS - 12th March 2011

Happy 21st birthday sweetheart. It's been more than 4 months I know. And I might look like a loser right now, wishing you only after months. But, let's just say, I wanted to thank you. Thank you for being there for me when I felt so lonely. You offered me a friendship on the day where I was left alone without even a familiar face. You mean a great deal to me Alyaa. I love you. And I can't wait to see you.


Sayang, were you hurt? Were you sad when I didn't wish your birthday? You were, right? Uhm, not here. I'll make another post only for you on our blog ^^


Another friend for life of mine. Happy 21st birthday my sweet Nad!! ^^ I am so so so so happy that I found you in my life! You are truly a special friend, a one of a kind..and if I lose you, I will never find one like you again. You have no idea on how much you mean to me. :) But I'm so glad that you are there, for me, and for everyone else. I love you! I really do.

AS ELEYANA ALI - 16th April 2011

As, selamat hari ulangtahun yg ke-21. Perasan tak yg aku tak wish pun birthday dekat hg dulu? Hehe. I didn't forget. Serius. I just didn't wanna wish. Thanks, sebab bersahabat dengan aku. Even after years, still lagi in touch dengan hg. Thanks. And now, you are a better blogger than myself. Thanks to me. Hahaha! Sayang gila dekat hg. Bila dengan hg, aku susah nak jadi jiwang2, nak berkongsi rasa dengan hg pasal benda2 jiwang segala ni. Tapi, friends are not just for that kan? Aku selesa bersahabat dgn hg. Aku kalau boleh nak bersahabat dgn hg sampai ke syurga. Mudah-mudahan Allah perkenankan. Aminn ^^ Thanks for being there. Serius sayang gila gila ah dekat hg. Uhm, mintak maaf jugak. Maybe aku terlalu banyak mengasingkan diri, tak selalu contact hg semua..tapi aku sayang hg the same. Hehe. Sampai bila2, dengan izin Allah.

You are 21 now. ^^ Kita sama2 usaha utk membesar jadi individu muslim yg sejati, eh? Yg berkehendakkan Allah, berniatkan kerana Allah, bekerja untuk Allah.. I love you dear :) Oh, any request for your birthday present? Hee.


Dibaaaa!!! Did I spell your father's name right? Teehee. I missed you. And so, happy 21st birthday to you. I'm glad that I came to know you. And I am so missing the old times right now. Those days when we used to laugh together. Those days when we used to fall asleep together. Those days when we used to pick on your clumsiness together. Those days when we eat keropok cicah sos together. I am so glad I was a part of E1313, with you being in it. I love you ^^

NUR SHAQIRAH MAT ISA - 20th May 2011

Lama tak nampak, awak! ^^ Lama blog menyepi. Hg kata hg akan tunggu sampai aku wish kan, here it goes. Happy belated 21st birthday Kirah. This past one year, things had been a bit harsh for our friendship. Dan bukan tu yg aku nak cakap. Tak nak lagi ungkit pasal benda2 tak best. Those are histories. And here is the present. After years, our friendship is still here. Dan aku harap aku mampu pertahankan friendship ni for more years to come. There will always be waves and tides. But no matter what, this friendship is not something that can get destroyed easily by those. :)

Sayang hg. Serius. Aku selalu akan doakan untuk kebahagiaan and kejayaan hg dunia akhirat. Dah beli ke handbag? Hehe.Kata nak tunjuk kat aku kalau dah beli. Mana??


Rasa tak kena kalau tiba2 nak speaking dgn Asiah. Haha. Weh, happy birthday eh! Asiah dah 21. Hoho. Dah matured eh sekarang? Rajin betul blogging skrg ni, bagus2. Hehe. Oh, I missed you too. Harap2 boleh jumpa hg bila aku balik cuti nanti. Semoga dipermudahkan. Asiah! Thanks for everything eh. Ingat lagi tak dulu kita selalu gayut time cuti? Rindu betul zaman tu. Nak bersembang panjang2, nak dengar hg gelak, nak berebut Jiroup dgn hg. I love you lalink~ Muah muah muah!! XD

VALENTINA HOZIT - 07th June 2011

She might not be reading this, since she is on a three-months vacation right now. But still, happy 18th birthday to you, Chimp. Penguin loves you so so so much you have no idea on how much exactly. Thanks for being a friend to me. Thanks for opening up to me, making me feel appreciated. Thanks for using my name in your English exam, you dont know how much it meant to me. XD Thanks that you are actually always there for me. Every single time. Take care of yourself sweetheart. Let's see each other in person, one day. ^^


Nur Yana said...

love u too

sHieLa said...

i know ^^ hehe.

cik_sna said...

tq. weh awat pelik cakap bi ngan aku??

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hari ni hari reply comment ke..mcm smua comment ko jawab je

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asiah: haha. ntahhh ^^

subaili: erk, agak la. tgh mood rajin hari ni ^^