Friday, October 7, 2011

#171 the past, the present, the future

Almost everyone has a dark past.

And almost everyone has their own skeleton in the closet.

Some do not even know the purpose on what they are doing right now.

Some never think about it, they just want to follow where life will take them to.

And many, are curious -and sometimes afraid- of the still blurry future.

Nahh, it is normal. ^^ We human tend to want what we don't have. And we human tend to like what we don't need. We human always dream of a future that we want, but not everyone will get exactly what they dreamt and imagined.

For the dark past. And the not as exciting present. And the blurry future. CHEERS!!

At least you know now you are not alone. Following the one path that you think is the best for you. Or finding that one path that you want to follow for the rest of your life. Either you already found it or are still searching, just so you know you are not alone. =) Keep hoping and having faith! We will find our way eventually, no matter how dark our past was, or how blurry our future will be, or how unexciting our present is.