Sunday, October 9, 2011

#173 Umar ^_^

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

A friend of mine said, we can't just make friends with the human being. Make friends with the nature as well. Because unlike us, they remember Allah 24/7. That is why we human tend to feel calm around nature. Listening to the sound of the rain drops, birds chirping, waves in the ocean and much more.

And so I went to Galleria yesterday, my favourite shopping mall in Lodz and I bought this. Taddaaaa~~!!

Align CenterHi there! I am Umar ^^

I am not good in taking care of animals and plants. And so as a start, I thought maybe cactus will be the easiest one to take care of. Haha. No idea though, but I hope Umar will not die. Umar has a companion though, called Iman, Yuyu's cactus. Anyway, his little appearance made him so cute. Haha. Jes asked me last night, "Did you hug him to sleep?" ^^ If not due to the thorns, I might have done that for real! XD

Oh, I named him Umar because while thinking of a name for him, I kinda thought about Saidina Umar al-Khattab. I adored Saidina Umar's outspoken attitude, and though he's one of the dearest sahabats to Rasulullah, I could somehow see how humble he was. He's the best example for me, whenever I thought it was so difficult to leave the jahiliyyah I've been living in. Umar the Cactus, please grow up and be as strong as Saidina Umar r.a. ^^

Oh, I promised As that I will be updating my blog more frequently. And up until now, I think I did a good job in holding on to my promise. But then, she somehow disappeared. Sigh. She might be busy studying though. Well, I hope she's doing well, but I am so missing her here in blog and facebook as well. And there has been a few requests for her to make twitter. But she told me she wouldn't make one though. I hope she changed her mind, because she's missing the fun of us Revorians in twitter. Keke.

Hm, that's all for now. ^^ This week, though only the second week of the semester, is going to be hectic for me. Exam, quizzes and homeworks. Please pray for me, that I will be doing well. And I so desperately need to boost up my confidence! Most of the classes that I have to attend need me to stand up and talk. And somehow, I am still not confident with my English. Well, maybe it's because I didn't speak English but Manglish all the time. Sigh.

Till we meet again! :)


subaili said...

bagusnya kawan aku..letak nama umar..aku jadi malu nak mengaku aku ni kawan hg. ko x malu ke bagitau aku ni kawan hg?

sHieLa said...

hahaha. jangan la malu nak mengaku aku kawan hg wehh..kita kawan dah bertahun kot. sedih ak kalau hg malu nak mengaku aku kawan hg. huhu.