Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#169 random talk.

I found this.

Allah Says:-

Try to Walk on My Way,
I'll Make all the Ways Easy for you.

Try to Spend your Wealth in My Way,
I'll Open Oceans of Treasure for you.

Try to Leave your Wills for Me,
I'll Make your Desired Destiny for you.

Try to Bear Pain on My Way,
I'll Open the Doors of My Care for you.

Try to Believe in Me,
I'll Make Sincere Friends for you.

Try to Be Mine,
I'll Make Everyone for you !‚

And I think it was so so so sweet. Hehe. By depending on Him and Him alone that we will be able to conquer the world. Some said Islam is conservative. It is indeed conservative, for those who only see Islam as a mere religion to profess. But Islam isn't that small of a scope. ^^ Islam covers every single things; from things that should and shouldn't be done in our daily life to how an Islamic empire should rule the world. Islam isn't conversative, if you see it as your life, and your afterlife. Islam is the most perfect way to lead a happy life.

"Abandon desire for this world, and God will love you. Abandon desire for others' goods, and people will love you." -Ibn Majah.