Thursday, September 23, 2010

There Were Times....

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.
Thursday, 23rd September 2010, 14 Shawal 1431, 1807.

There were times when you feel like you need nobody but your mother. There were times when you feel exactly like that. There were times when you would feel soothed listening to your mother just calling out your name. There were times when you would feel at ease just by saying 'emak'. There were times when even a father's child will feel like going to her mother.

And I am living in such time.

If only she's here. I would get irritated more than being happy I guess. I won't be appreciating her the way I appreciate her now. I won't be missing her this way. I won't cry so hard nowadays whenever I was reminded of her. I might live a life asking "Why does my mom can't be like everybody else's mom?"

No matter how, I am missing her. Her soothing smile, her warm hug, her typical-of-a-mother advices, her I-know-everything-because-I'm-a-mother attitude, her stupid giggles watching Hindustan movies every Saturday evening, her yelling whenever her children did things she didn't approve of.

There were times when you'll feel better in the presence of a mother-like woman. Your friends' mothers, your grandmothers, your aunts, even your friends with motherly attitude. But there were times when you just need the presence of your mother. And there were things a 20-year-old girl would only want to share with her mother.

I am living in such time.


Anonymous said...

haa i know i know!!
kawen cepat2
nnt dpt mak skali
lg best kalo kawen ngan anak tunggal
nnt mak dy mesti syg awk gila2
bgs pe idea ni ;)

az ni

sHieLa said...

ish az ni. cakap mcm senang je nak kawen tuh. haha